This is a simple point and click escape room.

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Loved it. I love the paper and pencil art style. I could play this for so much longer. I look forward to seeing what you do in the future.

Thanks, that means a lot! Thanks for playing :)

this is a great game for a starter. Maybe try to raise the difficulty a bit tho so it wont be solve so soon. But overall its still fun. Great job!

Nice :)

whats the code for the locked box??

Hi, thanks for playing!

Here are all of the codes in the game:

Level 1 Lock Box Code : 3487

Level 2 Flower Lock Box Code : 3854

Level 2 Key Lock Box Code: 6723

Level 3 Phone Number : 6395

Thanks again!

how do you get thru 2


now idk how to get past lvl 3

Thanks so much for playing! 

(Sorry, I know the level is goofy and not straightforward.)

Here is the solution for level 3:

1) Get the Empty Bucket by the door.

2) Arrange the pictures on the wall from top to bottom with the cloud, then the birds, then the tree, and then the ground. This gives the bag of flour and the wrench which should be picked up.

3) The wrench should be used on the fire hydrant to get running water.

4) Fill the bucket with the water.

5) Put both the flour and the bucket of water in the microwave, which gives a cracker.

6) Feed the cracker to parrot, which gives the 4 digit phone number.

7) Entering the phone number code will cause a little floor robot to come out and give a dog bone.

8) Lastly, giving the dog bone to the dog will allow the taking of the key around it's neck which will open the last door.

Thanks again!

That was fun!! Good job

this was really fun! good job